The Psychological Triage and Tracking System provides an objective clinical decision support platform that assists mental health professionals streamline the triage and tracking of a clients symptoms. The system uses validated screening questionnaires and compares them with physiological patterns that correlate with those symptoms; as assessed by our unique clinically validated algorithms. The platform streamlines questionnaire and physiological reporting; which are collected by Sherpah and uploaded to the Sherpah platform to help reduce cognitive load of medical personnel and improve efficiency in a clinical setting.

The POTTS™ system seamlessly onboards new participants via the Sherpah platform. Sherpah collects physiological data by syncing the participants smart watch to continuously collect and analyse relevant biomarkers. Sherpah also collects relevant subjective information including psychometric screening questionnaire data such as the DASS21. The questionnaires can be customised at the request of the partner clinic or the participants doctor. The participants can be onboarded immediately following a referral to a partner clinic allowing the baseline report to be provided well before the initial consultation. This gives the doctor and the clinic relevant information to assist with triaging each client.

The Report:

The POTTS™ report contains scores that correlate with heart rate patterns consistent with anxiety depression and panic disorder. The scores indicate normal, mild, moderate, moderately severe and severe for each indication. The report also indicates sleep quality, number of awakenings during the sleep period and other measures of mental wellness. Statistical analysis of the objective algorithm found up to a ~90% correlation between our scores and a structured psychiatric interview and diagnosis. The reports are uploaded to the Sherpah client portal and can be accessed by the client and their doctor, clinical comments and longitudinal analysis can be added to each report by a psychiatrist upon request.