The future of mental health

The team at Sherpah are proud to announce that we are currently developing a suite of objective mental health analytical software, and specialist data analysis. Sherpah is backed by over 20 years of clinical research as well as expert advisory input from Psychiatrist’s, researcher’s and commercialisation experts.

We are using advanced data analytical techniques to create predictive algorithms which will be able to determine the severity of Depression, Anxiety, Panic disorder, PTSD and others from raw vital sign data collected from a user. These software packages will be available to licence to any company committed to improving the lives of others through wearable technology.

In the meantime, our initial product; The Mental Well Being Score is available for licence. This algorithm detects patterns typical of poor mental health and uses them to scale people allowing mental health alerts and tracking to be provided to our users and others involved in their care. Please contact us to find out more and learn how you can integrate this algorithm into your current systems.

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