Sherpah offers a range of IoT, clinically validated analytics and software solutions for mental health professionals and others.

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Sherpah integrates standard smart watches and fitness trackers such as Fitbit to provide continuous, real time physiological information to our users. This includes things like heart rate, actigraphy, sleep time, exercise intensity and length and more.

Advanced analytics

Sherpah has developed clinically validated and objective measures of mental wellness from a users physiological data. Sherpah also collects standard mental health psychometric questionnaires and identifies discrepancies between self reported symptoms with those objectively identified in physiological data.

Sherpah platform

Sherpah's platform allows mental health professionals, researchers and others to collect and access real time physiological data from patients/participants. Sherpah's unique analytics are also provided in an intuitive and easy to implement manner.

Software development

Sherpah is always looking for new and improved ways to improve the tools available to mental health professionals, we believe that automation, advanced objective analytics and smart software can help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of mental health treatment and management.

Our mission at Sherpah is to make clinically validated, non-invasive and objective biomarkers one of the key pillars for the identification, tracking and management of mental wellness, resilience and performance worldwide.

Thomas James – Founder and Managing Director of Sherpah Pty Ltd

Improvement through Innovation

The team at Sherpah are constantly working on new ways to improve our methods of mental health analysis. Feel free to contact the team to learn more.

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What customers have to say About Sherpah

  • The Sherpah monitor and platforms gives me a very simple method of analysing and viewing all the data I collect, the analysis tools are simple to use and the team was there to support me whenever I needed.

  • The Sherpah monitor is stylish and simple to use, The data is accurate and collected passively without any need for the user to adjust settings or manually upload anything.